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Shortest shot of Hand Painting in the Highest number of YouTube Episodes ever

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Ramakrishna Atmakuru


Mr. Ramakrishna Atmakuru Art Teacher, Kendriya Vidyalaya No-2, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India created a ‘New World Record’ on 20th May 2010 by creating 100 Oil-Paintings in 13 Hours, 26 Minutes. He received also ‘ Record Title ' The Highest Number of Finger Paintings in Shortest Span'. Now, the ‘Video-Record’ of the above Title is presented as ‘100 Episodes’ on YouTube - ‘A video a Day’ from 1st January to 10th April 2021. This attempt showcases the earlier ‘Visual Art’ as ‘Performing Art’ for which he is the performer, Graphic - Designer, Editor, Script-writer, video-Maker, mainly ‘Producer cum Director’. He turned the ‘Pandemic Pathos’ into ‘Aesthetic Sagas’.